Our Story

It all started with my father's love of airplanes, bicycles and tools. Growing up, I found myself longing for adventure and places that would allow be to explore the great outdoors. My passions led me to become a pilot, a professional cycling race mechanic, and eventually to create my own venture, Magner Co., with nothing more than my grandmother's favorite tool – a sewing machine.

My interest in designing bags and sewing them by hand first began when I realized the cycling industry lacked having tool belts designed specifically for the needs of bike mechanics. The tool belt and "down under roll" were the first products I created and I quickly ventured off to design other items with users in mind. It took several sewing machines, countless hours of YouTube do-it-yourself videos, trial and error, and perhaps most importantly – patience – before everything came together to make Magner Co. a reality. Today we're a full-scale, albeit small, operation dedicated to making the best handmade products "designed by users, made for doers." We dedicate each day to testing products, researching and sourcing materials, and building bags and other items built to stand the test of time, ready for any challenge you're ready to conquer. Whether it's knitting your baby's first scarf, carrying things by tote, or ripping around town with a messenger bag, Magner Co. will equip you with bags built for any task. 

What began as cycling-specific bags has evolved into a custom shop designed to meet your specific needs.