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Down Under Seat Roll

Down Under Seat Roll

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Tested by some of the best riders in the pro peloton, the Down Under offers a more efficient, versatile, and stylish way to carry all the items needed for a training ride.  The roll design offers great versatility and organizational capabilities. Stuffed full or rolled tight, the roll morphs to the shape of its contents.   Three pockets, one sized at 4 1/2" and two at 3 1/2" provide enough room to store and organize 2 tubes, CO2 inflators, tools, money, and other small items. We’ve even seen a whiskey flask make the cut.  The fabric is a durable and water resistant 10.10 oz waxed duck canvas that will take plenty of abuse.  The thick leather toe strap, with its double wrap design, keeps everything tight and eliminates the need for velcro found on other bags.  The leather strap weaves through a leather patch on the back of the roll, goes up and through the seat rails, and back down across the roll to cinch.  It will stretch initially so an adjustment and retightening will be necessary the first few rides.

Available in three colors - Laurelwood, Bluestone, and Midnight

  • Materials
    - 10.10 oz waxed duck canvas - made in USA
    - Heavy 9/10 oz vegetable tanned leather - tanned in USA
    - copper rivets
    - nickel hardware
    - sunproof poly thread